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Les Streater lives in England, in the county of Surrey, and has been writing books and articles on famous ocean liners and other shipping-related topics for over four decades. He began in 1963 working alongside the famed maritime author E.C. Talbot-Booth. In the 1990s his book on the design and construction of the famous Cunard liner, Queen Mary, was published, which he immediately followed with a book on another famous Cunarder, Aquitania.

In 2001, his book, Berengaria: Cunard's Happy Ship was published before completing a volume on the life of Queen Mary before and during her career as a troopship in World War Two. This was followed in 2005 by a lavishly illustrated book on the South American Art Deco masterpiece, L'Atlantique. This book set the stage for what could be his most ambitious project to date: a massive, five volume series on the legendary French liner Normandie. Totaling over 700 pages, this covers her design, construction, service, the fire, salvage and her demolition. The series also includes over 2600 photos.

His next book covered the five famous German Greyhounds – the four-funneled express liners that tore across the Atlantic in a blaze of smoke, steam and glory. The first was Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse in 1897, followed by Deutschland in 1900, Kronprinz Wilhelm in 1901, Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1903 and finally Kronprinzessin Cecilie in 1907. This follows the career of these five liners in chronological sequence.

Next came Queen Mary: From Blueprint to Blue Riband. With many unpublished photographs and the usual meticulous research, this book uncovers new facts and exposes the true story behind her name. His next work, The British Merchant Navy of 1932,  is based on E.C. Talbot-Booth's classic book, Ships Of The British Merchant Navy, published in 1932. Following years of research, almost all of the 700 ships included in the original book have been tracked, and their careers and eventual demise are listed.  The book contains not only hundreds of photos, but also dozens of contemporary ads and pieces of ephemera.

Les has also released a rewrite of his 1990 book, Aquitania: Cunard's Greatest Dream. This updated and expanded hardback version is now available for purchase on this website.    

His two volume series, Canadian Empresses:  A Chronology, is executed in his usual meticulous style and is a must for any Canadian Pacific fan.

In September 2011, Les released s.s. United States - America's Superliner,  a 260 page volume that details the life and possible future of America's most famous passenger ship. Packed with hundreds of photos (many of which are previously unpublished), as well as priceless memorabilia, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the book have gone to help the SS United States Conservancy continue the ongoing fight to save the ship.

White Star Line - The Company and the Ships, released in October 2012, is making its mark as an important resource for all students and armchair historians interested in the famous  shipping line. Packed with detailed information on all of the company's ships, this incredible book explores both White Star's successes and failures. It also serves as a photographic record of nearly the entire White Star fleet.

In April 2013, Les released Imperator 1913-1921/Berengaria 1921-1938, the much anticipated, expanded and updated version of Les' 2001 Berengaria book. A larger format, new information and nearly 200 additional photos make this the most detailed book to date on the famous liner.

As a follow up to his critically acclaimed Bismarck 1914-1922, Majestic 1922-1936, Caledonia 1936-1939, Les's latest project, Vaterland 1913-1917, Leviathan 1917-1938, is now complete and can be ordered on this site.
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